It is not very helpful to describe natural laws using a multitude of different and, at least in part, still income-prehensible paradigms. Even a purely mathematical commentary and interpretation of such events is difficult and sometimes even misleading.

Today’s physics operation feels this problem and therefore seeks the famous Theory of Everything in various ways. Terms like String and Bran accompany this path and thus move even further away from a meaningful and comprehensible idea. Despite many efforts, complex mathematical descriptions, such as those known from the theory of relativity or the quantum world, do not really fit together somehow, and therefore confuse even more.
Curved spaces, a variety of particles (particle zoo) that may race around at the speed of light, preferably without any loss of energy or energy requirement, forever and ever, temporary virtual particles, if necessary with a rest mass of zero. etc., are therefore not very convincing.

Consequently, the idea of a uniform material causality, which is at least indirectly measurable and thus comprehensible through different amounts of a form of energy, is more sympathetic in such a diversity. A first step towards such a solution is therefore a continuous, all-formulating and descriptive paradigm, which may not always be sufficiently vivid, but should nevertheless be intellectually comprehensible and provable.

The results of such analyses and considerations may seem spectacular, but it is obvious that material and energetic reactions are a answer of matter or its components to influences and lead to the observable manifestations.

To illustrate
Newton's Gravity
a few unconventional thoughts on the  Topic